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Best Grills: BBQ Charcoal Grill and Smoker Grill Overview

Best Grills: BBQ Charcoal Grill and Smoker Grill Overview


Choosing a grill can be very difficult. We will tell you about the types of grills and the best grills. While you may know exactly what your absolute favorite BBQ foods and dishes are, you may not necessarily be aware of all the different options of a charcoal grill and smoker grill that you can now take advantage of today.

From the lesser-known charcoal water smokers to the highly efficient and easy to use electric smokers, and from the unique wood pellet smoker grills to the ever-popular dual function of gas barbecue grills, there are now many more high quality barbecuing options than ever before. And while it is usually quite nice to be able to have plenty of great options to choose from, having this many great options can prove to be more of a challenge than a convenience. Therefore, we have put together a comprehensive barbecue smoker learning center in the hopes of making it much more convenient for you to be able to search through all of the latest options.

Read through our smoker descriptions and you will be able to find information such as the degree of ease of use that you can expect from different types of models, temperature control options, available features, and general guides to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase.

By studying up on the absolute best grills 2020 models and features to look for, you are sure to not only get the absolute best value possible for your next purchase, but you are also sure to be able to take your barbecuing prowess to a whole new level. But we must warn you—you may start to get plenty of uninvited guests once they start to smell the magic of your barbecue smoker in full effect!

Table of contents

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are among the most popular models today. People love the flavor they give to cooked meats and foods, and inexpensive models have made them accessible to almost everyone. The circle of smoke in the afternoon sky is the universal symbol for people enjoying the outdoors. Charcoal is not as easily managed as electric and gas grills are, but it usually only takes a few tries for a new cook to get comfortable with their new grill. Temperature adjustment is the primary skill to be mastered.

Charcoal grills have dampers that control the air flow in the grill. Increasing the air flow by opening the dampers gives the fire more oxygen, making the fire burn hotter. To reduce the heat, push the dampers toward the closed position. Do these adjustments a little at a time. The entire damper is not that large, so adjustments of less than an inch can be significant. Maintaining the proper temperature allows you to control cooking time and doneness.

Charcoal grills can also behave differently in high wind and cold weather. Use an accurate, high quality thermometer to keep up with temperature changes while you are cooking. Always use a good meat thermometer to check the interior of meats before serving. Safe temperatures for each meat type are printed on quality meat thermometers. Use a grill cover when the grill is not in use to protect the exterior and mounted thermometer from the elements. Be sure to properly season your new charcoal grill before its first use according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Stainless Charcoal Grill - Best Grills 2020

Stainless charcoal grill maintenance is easy when you have the right tools and products. Stainless steel cleaners can be bought in most grocery stores and convenience stores, but they are not usually necessary unless you get a really bad stain. For everyday maintenance of your stainless steel grill, wiping it with a rag or paper towel will probably suffice. For touch-ups after cooking, a dab of window cleaner will usually return the lovely shine you loved in the store.

Stainless charcoal grill cleaning will keep your grill looking new for many years. Stainless steel is more weather resistant than some other materials that grills are commonly made of. Using a grill cover is also helpful for keeping your grill clean and shiny for years to come. Grill covers can usually be purchased from the store where you find the grill. If they are not in stock, you can order them from most manufacturers off their website. Other online distributers also carry grill covers to fit many manufacturers’ models. Universal covers will sometimes fit the more standard models.

Stainless charcoal grill covers need to be purchased as soon as possible. They are very important if you have a thermometer attached to the grill. Thermometers can be damaged if left outdoors uncovered. Freezing temperatures, falling limbs and hail storms can cause the face to crack. Moisture will then collect on the inside of the glass and make it hard to read as well as inaccurate.

Gas Charcoal Grills

Gas charcoal grills are dual-purpose grills that allow you to have the best of both worlds. Charcoal is preferred by many outdoor cooks for meat, but the separate gas grill allows you to cook all your side dishes right along with your grilled meats. No more running back and forth between the kitchen and patio to complete your meal. When all your kitchen helpers disappear, you can handle it all yourself with a dual purpose combination grill.

Gas charcoal grills come in different sizes. Some models are only marginally larger than an average grill. Others, such as the twin chamber charcoal and gas grills, are a bit larger. The larger models are excellent choices for a complete outdoor kitchen. They are perfect for beside the pool, at the lake house or any other spot where people like to gather. With a propane tank and charcoal, there is no need to run electrical or gas wiring from the house to the outdoor kitchen.

Gas charcoal grills can be found at many home improvement stores and on the Internet. Many models are not much more expensive than a regular quality charcoal grill. Be sure to select a quality model with good construction. You want to check for a tight sealing lid or door. Be sure that the grill racks will stay in place when you are working with food on them. Models with separate lids or doors for each side will help you keep the temperature regulated while working with food on either side.

Barbecue Charcoal Grills

Barbecue charcoal grills can give you the joy of cooking even if you have never enjoyed working in the kitchen. Charcoal grills are enough of a challenge to enjoy learning, but they are not so difficult as to be impossible for the novice chef. With a few experiments to learn to keep the temperature at the right level, you will be a grill master in no time. The outdoor chef is everybody’s friend all summer long.

Barbecue charcoal grills can also be enjoyed during the winter months. While you may not want to spend all day cooking a brisket or rack of ribs, a few quick steaks, cheese burgers or hot dogs are well worth lighting the grill for an hour or so even during the winter months. The smoky flavor will remind you why you love summer so much. Don’t forget about your grill on those early spring days or late in the fall before the football games come on.

Barbecue charcoal grills are usually easy to assemble. Most models require about one or two hours of your time. After assembling your new grill, it is very important to season it properly. This information can usually be found in the manufacturer’s guide or user’s manual that comes with your grill. Seasoning the grill will protect the grill, making it much easier to keep clean and helping it to last for many years. If you thoroughly clean your grill between uses, it may be necessary to repeat the seasoning process from time to time.

Portable charcoal grills

Portable charcoal grills come in a dizzying array of selections. New disposable models are perfect for one time use. They come with a small grill, charcoal and every thing you need for a single use, and you can throw everything away when you are done. These are perfect for day outings, picnics and hiking trips. Their affordability makes them only slightly more expensive than buying a more permanent model for frequent use. If you are picky about your grilled food, you may choose a more lasting model.

Portable charcoal grills also include the hibachi models. The hibachi is a Japanese portable grill that has a base with a vent. The grill has a handle that fits into slots on the grill above the coals. The handle grills are almost always adjustable, allowing you to put the food as close to the food as you need to. If cared for, hibachi grills can last through many uses. They are easy to use and a breeze to clean. Make sure not to let fires get out of hand in a hibachi grill, the extreme high heat can damage the grill.

Portable charcoal grills include kettle grills as well. Kettle grills are popular models that stand on legs, making a table for grilling unnecessary. This helps free up space on the picnic table for prepared food. The kettle grill has a removable lid. Vents on the lid and in the fire box help you adjust the temperature in the grill. Hinged grill grates on higher end models allow you to add coals without removing the food from the grill.

Large Charcoal Grills

Large charcoal grills are imperative if you cook a lot outdoors or have tons of mouths to feed. They are excellent for an outdoor kitchen near a pool, garden or play area. Charcoal grills do not need electrical wiring or gas lines, so installation on your deck or patio is much easier than that of an electric or natural gas model. Charcoal grillers swear the taste is unmatched.

Large charcoal grills can stand alone or may be enclosed in brick or rock. If you have it enclosed, be sure to select the highest quality model to insure it will last a very long time. Charcoal is optimal for cooking pork, beef and chicken, but a large grill will allow you to cook many other foods as well. It is easy to learn how to stack coals in groups so that foods can be cooked over high heat at the same time you simmer foods that require lower temperatures.

Large charcoal grills need to have multiple vents or dampers to allow you to control the temperature throughout the grill. More than one thermometer can be very helpful when controlling a lot of food, especially if they require different cooking temperatures and times. Some grills come with good, high quality thermometers. If your model does not, it is well worth the investment to purchase a few good, accurate thermometers for your grill. Accurate temperatures assure that cooking times are appropriate and food will be done thoroughly without being overdone.

Best Charcoal Grills

The best charcoal grills are not necessarily the most expensive ones. While the more expensive grills are made of high quality materials and are finely crafted, there are many inexpensive models on the market that make excellent choices for the backyard grill master to be in your home. When you are shopping for a grill, check to see how easy it is to assemble. The more parts there are the more complicated it will be. Plan to spend about one to two hours assembling your new charcoal grill. Some of the more elaborate models may take a little more time, but the extra features are usually worth the effort.

The best charcoal grills seal tightly to keep in the heat, smoke and moisture. Inspect the hinges, gauges, handles and dampers to make sure they are durable and fit well. Make sure the lids or doors line up properly, making a tight seal with the body of the unit. See that the racks are well hung to prevent slipping. Make sure the smoke stack fits tightly against the body of the unit.

The best charcoal grills are thick to hold in heat. Steel that is too thin will allow more heat to escape, making it more difficult to maintain the temperature inside the grill. If you will be grilling in the rain or the cold, thick materials are especially important to keep in the heat. Every grill should have a quality, accurate thermometer. If one is not included in your model, it is worth the investment to buy one separately.

Royal Oak Charcoal Grills

Royal Oak charcoal grills are quality grills with lots of wonderful features. Customer satisfaction ratings were very high for many of their products. Customers raved about the ease of moving the coals closer to and further away from the food while cooking. They also reported that the assembly was not difficult, even for people who were not used to building things. Customers that do grilling year round in any weather enjoyed these charcoal grills.

Royal Oak charcoal grills were so popular with some customers that they bought an extra of their favorite model so they would have a spare exactly like theirs. Many reported that there was tons of space that their old grills lacked. Customers also reported that it was a high quality grill for the money they spent. They especially appreciated such features as the thermometer. Many brands do not come with a thermometer, and it has to be purchased separately.

Most Royal Oak charcoal grills have warming racks that customers find very useful. Most of the models come with a one year warranty. Customers liked that it was easier to clean than some of the other charcoal grills that they have owned. For a quality charcoal grill, these models are available at most hardware and home improvement stores. There is also a fantastic selection online. Compare prices and features. Be sure to consider applicable sales tax and shipping when figuring the overall price of the grill. These grills are available in many models, and all of them offer different features. You can find customer reviews for these products online.

Weber Charcoal Grills

Weber charcoal grills were pioneered when they introduced the first kettle grill for backyard grilling. The kettle grill has a hinged grill grate on the more expensive models. This allows the cook to add coals without removing the food from the grill. Well placed vents on the lid and in the base allows cooks to easily adjust the temperature inside the grill. Weber remains the standard in charcoal grills to this day. Weber has a fantastic selection of grills with different features and styles. Any grill enthusiast can certainly find a grill to meet their needs in their impressive line up of models.

Weber charcoal grills are popular for many reasons. Easy setup and use are two of the primary reasons. Weber chimneys to ignite coals are also popular choices. Customers depend on this brand to consistently provide a quality product for the best price. Weber has a full line of charcoal grills and accessories to complete all your outdoor cooking requirements.

Weber charcoal grills can be used to direct grill, indirect grill or smoke foods, depending on how they are set up by the user and where the coals are placed. Direct grilling, used for steaks, hamburgers and the like, calls for one central fire where the coals are centered in the grill under the food. For indirect grilling, Weber recommends two zone indirect cooking. This method uses two stacks of coals on either side of a pan of water. This method is spectacular for long cooking with large cuts of meat, such as ribs.

Twin Chamber Charcoal Grills

Twin chamber charcoal grills are extremely versatile. These grills are designed with the serious grill master in mind. The twin chambers allow you to cook foods at different temperatures at the same time without all the fuss that this involves in some models. Some twin chamber grills have one chamber for charcoal and one for propane, but models are available that use charcoal in both chambers. Good twin chamber grills have individual grate cranks and two separate lids that truly make it possible to cook foods completely separately all on the same grill.

Twin chamber charcoal grills are excellent for large families and crowds. Though their size makes them difficult to transport, everyone will be willing to visit your house for the wonderful food. It is an excellent choice for all day events, such as holidays and family reunions. You can cook low and slow on one side all day long for your dinner presentation and still have a side to produce a good lunch. This is helpful for kids that are hungry after a morning of play, and everyone who likes their midday meal.

Twin chamber charcoal grills are perfect for the steak and surf nut. You can perfectly sear steaks without over cooking delicate seafood. You can also use one side to cook vegetables while the main course grills on the other. You will need two separate thermometers, one for each side. Good quality thermometers are essential to preparing good food on charcoal grills. Be sure to read all manufacturers instructions for the model, especially in regards to safety information.

Kingsford Charcoal Grills

Kingsford charcoal grills and other products are a staple in grilling. The Kingsford name can be depended on for consistent quality, good design and some of the best features on the market today. Using a quality product will help you get good results time after time. Charcoal grills are most popular with grilling enthusiasts. They are especially proud of the pink smoke ring accomplished through charcoal grilling, a sure sign of excellent meat.

Kingsford charcoal grills come in a variety of sizes. Smaller charcoal grills are perfect for taking with you to the game, a day at the park or any other outdoor event or activity. Larger models are usually portable as well, but also work great on the deck or patio. The quality craftsmanship insures that the grill will be a part of your outdoor experiences for many years to come. The ease of opening and closing the dampers is crucial to maintaining the right temperature to cook your foods perfectly in the proper length of time.

Kingsford charcoal grills are inexpensive, making them a good value for the money. Other quality Kingsford products are standards in grilling, such as their charcoal. Non stick woks and other accessories work great with your Kingsford grill. Charcoal grills can be purchased at most major stores and on the Internet. Find the best deals by shopping online. Many stores offer discounts on grills and accessories. Be sure to include any applicable sales tax and shipping charges in your overall budget for a grill.

Charcoal Smokers

The key to cooking with charcoal smokers is learning to control the temperature of the unit. Keeping the food at the proper temperature throughout the cooking process is critical to keeping the food safe and tasty. Undercooking can fail to kill bacteria in the food. Overcooking leads to dry food that nobody wants to eat. When you get a new grill or smoker, you may want to experiment a few times with less expensive cuts of meat, poultry or fish until you learn to control the temperature of your unit.

Charcoal smokers come in a variety of price ranges. The ability of the unit to hold smoke and heat is the primary difference in a quality unit and one of the cheapest models. The smoke produces the flavor we seek for this delicious method of cooking. If the smoke is not properly contained in the unit, this wonderful flavor is not absorbed into the food.

The doors of charcoal smokers need to maintain a tight seal. The box needs to be thick to hold in heat. Make sure you understand how to control the dampers to adjust temperature. Fancy features are less important than a quality box and sturdy construction when it comes to cooking tasty food. Maintaining the proper temperature consistently throughout the cooking process will also insure that the food is done in the length of time the recipe calls for. If the temperature drops too low, it may be necessary to increase cooking times. If the temperature gets too hot, be sure the food is cooked all the way through before serving, even if the exterior is quite done.

Charcoal Stainless Steel Smokers

Charcoal stainless steel smokers can be a little more pricy than other models. One of the best benefits of stainless steel is its durability in the weather. If your smoker will frequently be exposed to rain, wind, sunlight and other elements, stainless steel may be the way to go. Many serious grilling enthusiasts refuse to use gas, and insist on charcoal grills or smokers.

Though wood chips are commonly used in gas or propane grills and smokers to enhance the smoky flavor, charcoal stainless steel smokers can also benefit from this addition to flavor. Some types of wood work better with the different flavors of beef, pork, chicken or other foods. Consult recipes or experiment yourself to find which flavor combinations work best for you.

Charcoal stainless steel smokers depend on a consistent temperature to produce the best results. Make sure the unit you buy has quality construction that will retain the heat properly and allow you to easily adjust dampers to raise or lower the temperature. Charcoal requires more babysitting than its electric and gas cousins, but many swear that the flavor they impart is more than worth the effort.

When you get a new smoker, make sure to season it properly before the first use. Instructions can usually be found in the user’s manual provided by the manufacturer. Seasoning the unit will enhance the flavor produced by the smoker and will help extend the life of the unit. Keep the unit covered when not in use. This will help extend the looks and lifespan of the unit.

Char Broil Offset Charcoal Smokers

The most popular models of Char Broil offset charcoal smokers are the Char-Broil Silver Smoker and the Char-Broil American Gourmet. These come with two separate chambers, the fire box and the cooking chamber. The firebox, as the name implies, is where the fuel is burned. These models can be fueled with either charcoal or wood fires. Charcoal is usually the easiest to control in terms of temperature. The firebox is used for foods with short cooking times and high heat, such as steak. The cooking chamber is used for slower cooking with more moderate temperatures, like ribs.

When using the cooking chamber, it is important to preheat the chamber just as you would an indoor oven. This keeps the food from drying out and allows you to more accurately time the cooking process. The temperature in Char Broil offset charcoal smokers can vary quite a bit from one end to the other. You may need to experiment a few times to get a feel for the best placement of your food to be cooked. It is easy to loose patience with this process, but you can learn on less expensive meats and work up to more advanced cooking.

It is critical to have an accurate thermometer for Char Broil offset charcoal smokers. This will allow you to produce foods that are cooked evenly, not too dry from overcooking or extreme high heat. You can even use two thermometers, one for each side of the cooking chamber. This will allow you to gauge the overall temperature inside the unit.

Charcoal Water Smokers

Charcoal water smokers provide for a wide range of cooking possibilities. If you want to cook an entire meal on the smoker, you can cook your meat low and slow and add quicker cooking vegetables and other dishes for quick, high heat cooking at the same time. Water is an excellent choice for long, slow cooking processes. It keeps the food tender during the cooking time.

Most models of charcoal water smokers have a completely removable lid as well as a door on the front. This allows you to easily access the food, add water or add charcoal during the cooking process. A separate tray that holds the charcoal is also handy, allowing you to maintain the cooking temperature while adding or checking the charcoal. The cooking chamber on most models has one or two grills in addition to the water pan.

Additional grills allow you to cook more food and to separate foods with different cooking times or temperatures. Lift off lids also help in the cleaning process. Wood chips or chunks can be used in charcoal water grills to enhance the flavor. Experiment to find the best wood flavors for the types of meat you enjoy cooking in your smoker.

There are many wonderful books filled with recipes, cooking techniques and helpful hints for smoking foods. Though meat, and pork in particular, is most popular for smoking, almost any food can be cooked on one of these units. The most important skill for cooking with charcoal is maintaining temperature. Once you master this skill, the sky is the limit.

Grill Smoker

A grill smoker can be fueled by gas, charcoal or electrical power. Gas models can use propane gas from a tank, and some can be converted to use the natural gas source in your home. Electric and natural gas models are convenient for spur of the moment grilling, because you do not have to make an extra trip for a propane tank or charcoal and lighter fluid.

A grill smoker that uses propane gas or charcoal is easy to take with you when you are cooking away from home. Be sure to have plenty of extra fuel. There is nothing worse than having the fire go out in the middle of your masterpiece. Smokers use wood to give the food that smoky flavor. Small wood chips are used for cooking small pieces of meat that cook fairly quickly. Large wood chunks are preferable for long cooking large cuts of meat and whole poultry. The wood needs to be soaked in water from 30 minutes to one hour before being used on the grill.

A grill smoker can range from very inexpensive to very high end. Small, portable units are not that expensive and can be used at home as well. The more elaborate units are either for home use or require a truck bed or trailer to be transported. Charcoal grills are highly regarded for the best flavor by many grill masters. Learning to use charcoal can take some practice. Learning to keep the temperature consistent is key to good smoking.

Gas Smokers

The smoky flavor achieved in gas smokers comes from wood chips, wood chunks or wood pellets placed in the grill. Usually, the longer the cooking process the larger the pieces of wood you use should be. It is usually easier to control the temperature in a gas unit than charcoal grills and smokers. With gas, you do not have to constantly watch and adjust the temperature. For most cooking applications you can adjust the settings, time the cooking and not have to worry about the rest.

Since no electricity is required, it is much easier to take your gas smoker wherever you want to go. Camping, picnicking, tailgating and other activities are perfect settings for gas units. They also give you more freedom to socialize during the cooking process, rather than standing over hot flames for several hours while everyone else has fun. All you have to do is keep up with the time and refill everyone’s drinks.

Gas smokers come in a variety of price ranges and sizes. If you will primarily be using it at home, any size will do if you can afford it. If you want to carry your unit with you, consider a smaller more easily handled unit. Since there is an open flame when cooking with gas, there are safety considerations. Be sure children and pets are kept away from the unit when in use. Be sure to shut off the gas when you get finished cooking. Store gas tanks in a safe location.

Propane Gas Smokers

Propane gas smokers can be very easy to use. The primary consideration when cooking with propane gas is making sure you have fully stocked tanks before you begin to cook. Most serious grill enthusiasts have at least two propane tanks on hand at all times. If you do not run out of propane, the rest of the cooking process will be easy to manage. There is a small safety issue in using propane gas to cook. Make sure you read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions and safety warnings in your user’s manual.

Wood chips are used in propane smokers to generate the smoky flavor associated with grilled or smoked meat. Smaller wood chips can be used for small cuts of meat. For larger cuts of meat with longer cooking times, large wood chunks will be needed. These wood chips and chunks can be found with the charcoal and lighter fluid in most stores that sell these items.

Propane gas smokers are perfect for cooking and grilling away from home. Without the need for electricity, tailgate parties, camping trips and picnic outings can all benefit from wonderfully smoky pork, chicken and vegetables. Beef and fish can also be cooked in these units. Be sure to read as much as possible about this cooking technique before trying it yourself. You may have to experiment a few times to get the flavor and tenderness exactly right. Cooking times can vary somewhat from unit to unit, so keep a close eye on the food and the temperature the first few times you use it.

Stainless Gas Smokers

Stainless gas smokers are among the most weather resistant models available. For the outdoor cook that does not want to spend the day tending a flame, adjusting dampers for fluctuating temperatures and trying to figure and refigure cooking times, this is an excellent selection. Propane models can be portable, allowing you to enjoy them almost anywhere. Natural gas conversions can allow you to connect the smoker on your patio directly to your home’s natural gas supply, assuring that you never run out of propane in the middle of cooking

Stainless steel gas smokers will also tolerate a little forgetfulness about covering them. Not that the practice can be disregarded, but if you forget from time to time, stainless steel will be more forgiving. Chips of wood are used in gas smokers to impart flavor. The ease of using a gas smoker is equivalent to electric models. They can be relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of smokers.

Users of stainless steel gas smokers also enjoy the cleanness of the cooking. Charcoal and wood burners can be quite difficult to get and keep clean. If you are using propane gas, make sure to have plenty of propane on hand before you begin to cook. Check the gauge to make sure they are full before you light the smoker. If you run out during the cooking process, it will seriously affect the taste and consistency of the food. Temperature gauges are imperative to make sure you are cooking at the proper temperature.

Electric Smokers

Electric smokers can be much easier to use than charcoal or even gas models. The temperature is easier to maintain and you never have to worry about running out of propane. Even temperature is critical when smoking foods, especially meats. If the temperature falls too low, the food will be underdone. If you try to increase the heat or cooking time to compensate, you can end up with dry, overcooked meat or food that is overdone on the outside and underdone on the inside.

Electric smokers are excellent choices for beef brisket. A small amount of wood, such as chips or chunks, in a variety of flavors can add a wonderful smoky taste to your meat. You need to allow the unit to get hot enough to smoke the wood. If the temperature is too low, the smoky flavor will not penetrate the food to add the flavor you desire.

Electric smokers can draw quite a load of power from the outlet. You will not want to plug anything else into the outlet while it is in use to avoid tripping the circuit breaker. Models can be controlled by either a thermostat or high, medium and low settings. When possible, use thermostat controls. They are more accurate when keeping a steady temperature throughout the cooking process.

Though they can trip circuit breakers, they are not too expensive to operate. The estimated cost of operation is lower than the equivalent of using charcoal. They are excellent for cooking fish because they hold in moisture very well.

Masterbuilt Electric Smokers

Masterbuilt electric smokers are front loading. They resemble a small refrigerator. They are designed for cooking small to medium size cuts of meat. The automatic thermostat control will allow you to preset cooking times up to 24 hours. This assures that you will never forget and overcook your food. The thermostat and controls are located conveniently on the top.

Masterbuilt electric smokers are very tightly built. This keeps the heat in and allows you to set the temperature and leave it unattended for long periods of cooking. Stable temperatures are critical for doneness and juiciness. Sealing in the moisture is as critical as sealing in the smoky flavor. The thermostat will allow you to set cooking temperatures between 100 degrees and 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wood chips will add the smoky flavor to the food in your electric smoker. There is a wood chip tray on these models for that purpose. If you want your meat to have the coveted smoke ring that charcoal grillers are so proud of, you can do this in your electric smoker by adding a couple of pieces of charcoal to the wood chip tray. This causes the meat to get a pink ring, or smoke ring, often associated with excellent cooking.

If you need to use an extension cord, be sure to use one with a large capacity. Small, household extension cords will not suffice for Masterbuilt electric smokers. Covers for the model are also available. If you are keeping the unit outdoors, this will greatly increase the lifespan of your unit.

Best Electric Smokers

The best electric smokers are controlled by a thermostat. Instead of the guess work involved with high, medium and low settings, thermostats allow you to choose the cooking temperature you desire and leave the unit during the cooking time. The better models also have automatic timers that will shut the unit off for you after the appropriate cooking time. This has saved many a meal from a distracted host or hostess.

The best electric smokers will also heat up enough to get wood chips or wood chunks smoking enough to impart good flavor. Models that do not have a high enough heat setting fail to do this. The result is little or no smoky flavor in the meats or other foods. Adding more wood will not help, because the temperature is the problem.

The best electric smokers will also be energy efficient. Energy efficient models will be far cheaper to operate than charcoal smokers in the long term. Models with accurate thermostats and timers can be set and left alone for long periods of time. Many are able to set a brisket or other dish on in the morning before work and enjoy it for dinner that evening. This is perfect for when you are expecting company.

Models with larger grill areas may be more desirable than several grill racks with small surfaces. If you want to use the unit for large cuts of meat, like racks of rib, some smaller grills will not suffice. If you are cooking for large crowds and prefer to serve lots of hot dogs and other single portion cuts, more racks with smaller surfaces might be perfect for your applications.

Electric Meat Smokers

Electric meat smokers can execute a wonderful smoky flavor without the messy cleanup required of charcoal grills. They are also more economical to use than charcoal. Temperature control is also much easier in electric models than in charcoal smokers. This is really a benefit when you are cooking meat for a long period of time, as you do with large cuts of meat. Charcoal grills have to be adjusted constantly to keep them at the correct temperature.

Electric meat smokers are perfect for meats that need to retain their moisture to be juicy and succulent. They seal very well, holding in the moisture. Thermostats and temperature controls allow you to cook the meat at exactly the right temperature for any period of time. Automatic shut off features mean you don’t have to worry about forgetting or over cooking the meat.

Electric meat smokers also eliminate the need for an extra trip to the store for propane gas tank refills or charcoal and lighter fluid. With the fuel source constantly ready, you don’t have to prepare ahead of time to enjoy your meat smoker. The electricity is ready when you are.

Electric models are also safer than gas or charcoal. There are no flames to worry about. If small children or pets are around when you use your smoker, electric is an excellent option. With the addition of wood chips or chunks, the electric models are able to seal in the smoky flavor as well as the seal in the moisture. This means less wood can be used and still achieve the best smoky flavor.

Electric Smoker Reviews

Electric smoker reviews can help you decide which model will best suit your needs. While most models do an excellent job of retaining heat and moisture, some models have other qualities and features to consider. Price will probably be your first consideration. There really is some truth in the saying you get what you pay for. Higher end models allow you more options for cooking larger cuts of meat, smoking more different foods at the same time and adjusting the temperature exactly as you want.

Electric smoker reviews are the best way to inform yourself of the features available on different models and how well they work. If you use the unit outdoors during cold months, more expensive models will better hold their temperature. Most electric smokers are quite energy efficient. Read the reviews to see which models affected power bills the least.

When reading electric smoker reviews, it is important to note that people get quite passionate about their smokers and grills. They develop strong opinions that you may or may not share. Consider this when reading reviews, whether they are glowing or very poor. When you understand their reasons for preferring one model over another, you will be able to determine if you share the same concerns.

Size is one of the most subjective features of electric smokers. Some people prefer to smoke large cuts of meat, requiring a larger model. If this is not the way you cook, you might rather have a smaller model. They use less power because there is less area to heat. They are also easier to keep clean and will fit in areas that are prohibitive to larger units.

Bradley Electric Smokers

Bradley electric smokers are among the most popular models. They have four racks and come with a users guide and cookbook. They also have a build in thermometer to keep track of the internal temperature. This is the best gauge for how the food is coming along.

Electric smokers are a clean, convenient option to charcoal smokers and grills. They also do not require special fuel, such as propane gas or charcoal, so you are ready to use your smoker any time you get ready. They can be safer than gas or charcoal because there is no flame.

Bradley electric smokers come with either steel or stainless steel exteriors. The interiors of both models are made of aluminum. They will heat to a full 300 degrees Fahrenheit, so they will handle just about any of your outdoor cooking needs. A pan of water can be inserted on the bottom shelf of the unit so that the foods keep moist during smoking.

Bradley electric smokers have a patented smoke generator on the side of the unit. The generator burns Bradley briquettes to impart the smoky flavor desired in meat. There are several flavors of briquettes available including apple, hickory, cherry, mesquite and pecan. The briquettes are relatively inexpensive and last for about 20 minutes of cooking time.

Bradley smokers have a committed fan base. People who use them fall in love with them and refuse to use anything else. Bradley briquettes can be purchased online, and their customer service staff is there to help you with any questions.

Stainless Steel Electric Smokers

Stainless steel electric smokers are touted for being resistant to weather conditions. Since smokers and grills are significant investments for many people, having a quality model that will withstand the elements for many years is an important consideration. Smokers are a perfect addition to your outdoor cooking events. The flavor is impossible to beat. Electric smokers are cleaner than charcoal smokers and more convenient that gas models, which require propane to be useful. Electric smoker grills are as easy as plugging them in.

Stainless steel electric smokers seal tightly around the doors and openings, keeping in the heat, smoke and moisture. Many models have a place for a pan of water. The water helps cook foods that are moist and tender even after hours in the smoker. The low heat of the electric smoker allows you to cook for hours and still have perfectly cooked, tender, juicy meat. You will also enjoy cooking lots of other foods in your electric smoker. Poultry and seafood are just the beginning. Vegetables also come out tender and flavorful when cooked in an electric smoker.

Stainless steel electric smokers will not work with standard household extension cords, such as are used for lamps or other small appliances. You will need a good quality industrial grade extension cord with your electric smoker. They pull a lot of juice, so it is wise not to plug anything else into the same outlet. This can cause the circuit breaker to trip. Electric smoker users say that they are not bad on energy costs, and electric models are more environmentally friendly than charcoal grills and smokers.

Char Broil Electric Smokers

Char Broil electric smokers are easy to operate. They have features that make controlling the temperature very easy. Maintaining an accurate temperature throughout the cooking process is the best way to insure the final product will be done enough but not too done. They also hold in heat and moisture very well. This keeps the foods moist during the cooking process, another important factor in the quality of the final product.

Char Broil electric smokers are cheaper to operate than charcoal smokers. They are also far cleaner, since much of the mess from smokers and grilling is caused by the creosote. They are also easier to use, since adding fuel is sometimes the hardest part while smoking meats and other foods. Even heat distribution allows you to be precise about the temperature you are using to cook. Always check meats with a meat thermometer when you are finished cooking. Temperatures for the electric smoker are not the same as the inside of the food that has been cooked.

Char Broil electric smokers are very energy efficient. Even though you will be cooking foods for longer periods of time, customers are very satisfied with their power costs to operate electric smokers. They are also very convenient for people who smoke or grill on a moment’s notice. Just plug it in and you are ready to begin cooking.

Always read the user’s manual before operating any electrical appliance. Use safety precautions to prevent injury or accidental fire. The user’s manual is also the best resource for cleaning techniques.

Charbroil Electric Smokers

Barbecue means different things to different people. Purists insist that the term can only apply to low, slow cooking with indirect heat. Others insist that the term includes any type of grilling or smoking. The style of cooking is not the only thing in debate. There are those who insist that the term can only be applied to cooking pork. Others will include pork, beef and chicken. Then there are the ones who use the term to include seafood, vegetables and any other foods cooked outdoors on a grill or smoker. You see how it can be confusing. And they are as committed to their beliefs as much as any religious person. But what many people can often agree on is that charbroil electric smokers produce some amazing flavor.

Barbecue probably brings such emotions out in us because no matter what your opinions are on what does or does not get included in the term, it is really good food. The secret is sometimes said to be in the sauce. The sauce can take on almost as many forms as the food does. White sauce, tomato based sauce, vinegar based sauce and others are the secret for as many dishes as there are cooks to make them. Sweet sauce versus hot sauce is another hot point of debate. But all methods aside, charbroil electric smokers help bring out the best in your foods.

Barbecue varies a great deal depending on where you live. There is some form of this method of cooking found in virtually every country on earth. It is said to have been proven to be the oldest method of cooking in the world, which is most probably true depending on your definition of the term. Outdoor cooking almost has to be the oldest method of cooking, and it was so good we never stopped even when we moved indoors.

Smoker Grills

Smoker grills come in a variety of choices. No matter what your price range or skill level, it is easy to find quality smoker grills to fit your needs. How and you will be using your unit is important in selecting the right one. If you are using it exclusively at home charcoal, gas and electric models will all work for you. You only need to consider the convenience of use, clean up involved and how much space you want to dedicate to the unit.

Smoker grills that use charcoal permeate the foods cooked with a delectable flavor. Charcoal is appropriate for any cooking, whether you want to quickly grill steaks or take all day on a rack of ribs. If you will be doing these marathons, be sure to choose a model that allows easy access for adding coals during cooking. Charcoal grills are easy to take with you if you do a lot of outdoor cooking at sporting events or in the park.

Smoker grills that are fueled by gas or electricity can still give that wonderful smoky flavor and aroma. The use of wood chips and chunks will permeate the food, especially meats. Experiment with different flavors of wood yourself or look up recipes. Pork and chicken can really benefit from the right combination of flavor from wood. If you do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning up after cooking, gas and electric models do not get coated in creosote like charcoal models.

Royal Oak Electric Smoker Grill

A Royal Oak electric smoker grill is designed to impart the special, smoky flavor that only the outdoor grilling experience can provide. Using wood chips causes the grill to fill with smoke. The lower temperature and longer cooking time allows a chance for that smoky flavor to permeate the meat or other foods. This is what grill masters all over the world are trying to create.

The Royal Oak electric smoker grill is not just a grill. Grills do not specialize in the smoky flavor. Electric smoker grills are a perfect option for cooking outdoors. You can cook almost anything in a smoker grill that you can cook in your ordinary indoor conventional oven. The smoker grill comes with simple instructions that will have you cooking like a master in very little time.

A Royal Oak electric smoker grill is a simple solution for people who do not have the time and patience to clean a charcoal grill. The design of the smoker grill makes it easy to put the food in and take it out. Since there are no coals to add, it is that much easier to use a smoker grill. Lower temperature cooking can also make meats much more tender. Pork and chicken are especially good with the smoky flavor. Beef and seafood are also popular favorites in smoker grills.

Be sure to read and understand all the safety instructions that come with any electrical appliance. While electric smoker grills are safer than other alternatives that use an open flame, precautions still need to be taken.

Electric Smoker Grill

The electric smoker grill is far easier to use than its charcoal burning brothers. Charcoal is messy with creosote that takes elaborate cleaning before and after each use. Electric models are cleaner to use and easier to clean between uses. Most front opening models are easier to clean than a small refrigerator. Not having to lift the lid during cooking, as you do with a charcoal grill, allows the temperature inside to remain more constant. This makes for a much better final product.

An electric smoker grill does not require the constant temperature adjustments that charcoal grills require. It can be tricky to maintain the proper temperature in a charcoal grill or smoker. Electric models can be set to the setting you desire, and some models have a thermostat that will maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process. This consistency in temperature assures that your food is done appropriately in the length of time called for in the recipe. That is helpful when there are hungry mouths waiting for you to finish cooking.

An electric smoker grill uses wood chips to provide the smoky flavor. Since the temperature in an electric unit is lower than with most charcoal fires, fewer wood chips can give the same smokiness. Most electric models seal more tightly, adding additional smokiness during the cooking process. The tight seal also retains moisture, giving the food the juiciness you desire in smoked and grilled foods. Pork is the most popular meat to smoke, but beef, poultry and even seafood are marvelous in electric units.

Horizon Smoker Grills

Horizon smoker grills are manufacture from strong structural steel pipe. They have models for every back yard, and professional models that can be mounted on trailers. Some have a separate fire box and cooking chamber. This allows you to cook two different ways. The fire box is perfect for cooking smaller cuts of meet that are done rather quickly. The cooking chamber is perfect for that low, slow all day extravaganza. They are durably built and guaranteed against burn out.

Horizon smoker grills are extremely versatile. The Vertical Smoker allows you to use three different cooking methods simultaneously. You can grill, barbecue and slow smoke at the same time. Other models also offer versatility in your outdoor cooking. Trailer models vary in size, but also offer the same versatility in cooking for grill masters on the road. Trailer grills are not the exclusive property of professionals. They are perfect for large families, family reunions, tail gate parties, neighborhood parties and church social events.

Horizon smoker grills are perfect for the charcoal enthusiast. Many grill masters do not even consider gas or electric smokers or grills. Adding wood chips can improve the flavor of the meats you cook in a smoker grill. The wood needs to be soaked in water before being put on the fire. The wood can be put directly on the coals to imbibe the meat with flavor. If the perfect pink smoke ring is your goal in life, these grills are what you are looking for. The only other thing you need is the perfect cut of meat.

Best Smoker Grills

The best smoker grills have good seals and thick chambers that keep in the heat and smoke. A properly sealed smoker will help keep cooking temperatures at the right setting during the entire cooking process. You can easily see the difference in thickness between the high quality models and the cheaper models. Smoking, grilling and barbecuing are outdoor favorites. All of your favorite outdoor activities will be more fun with good food, freshly prepared.

The best smoker grills come with accurate thermometers. Gas and electric models are sometimes equipped with thermostats to keep the cooking temperature constant. Any experienced grill master will tell you the importance of a consistent temperature during outdoor cooking. You will always need to check the internal temperature of meats before serving. The temperature on the grill thermometer is not an accurate gage for doneness or food safety.

The best smoker grills will come with a warranty. The warranty period should be at least long enough to judge the quality and durability of the model you select. Use the unit as frequently as possible when you first get it. Watch for excessive wear, parts that become loose or other quality issues that might become a problem over time. Quality grills and smokers can be a significant investment for many families. Having one that will last means more enjoyment for the long term.

Be sure to read the users manual carefully for the proper way to season your smoker or grill before use. Also read the safety information and guidelines carefully.

Portable Smoker Grills

Portable smoker grills are the perfect addition to any outdoor event. Waiting for hours for the game to start, an entire day at the beach with the kids and a day fishing at the lake are all much more enjoyable when there is good food on the grill. These smoker grills come in a variety of models and sizes. There is also quite a difference in price ranges. But there is certainly a model for everyone.

Portable smoker grills can use propane tanks for fuel. The smoke flavor comes from the addition of wood chips on the heating element. The wood chips heat up and smoke, giving food that fantastic flavor that can only come from outdoor cooking. Propane tanks are easy to manage and can be kept for quite awhile if they are not used up. Be sure to check the propane level in the tanks before setting out. If they are used frequently they can go quite fast. Long cooking processes for ribs and other large, slow cooking cuts of meat require additional propane as a backup. The tanks are relatively inexpensive at most convenience stores, grocery stores and home improvement centers.

Portable smoker grills can also use charcoal. While some say charcoal is a bit messier, many swear by it and will not use anything else. You can also use wood chips with charcoal smokers and grills to add flavor to meats and other foods. Wood chips and chunks need to be soaked in water before being put on the coals.

Wood Pellet Smoker Grills

Wood pellet smoker grills are far different than their wood burning and charcoal friends. The temperature is much easier to control than in a wood burning smoker or grill. And it imparts more wood flavor to meat than charcoal grills and smokers using wood chips or chunks. They actually get less smoky the hotter they burn, so opt for a lower temperature to give food the best balance of smokiness.

Wood pellet smoker grills are quite conservative in using wood pellets when set at lower temperatures. They can go through quite a lot of them in higher temperatures, though. To maximize flavor and economy, use a medium to low temperature for best results. They are more efficient for smoking than grilling. Many people use them in addition to another model of grill for steaks and smaller cuts of chicken and other meats. Many models can, however, be used for both grilling and smoking meat and other foods.

Wood pellet smoker grills use sawdust from hardwood trees that are pressed into the pellet shape. There are no chemicals or additives, so it is a very clean burning wood. Most grilling competitions accept this method, and they have taken awards at some of them. There are also no petroleum products, so they are a more environmentally friendly method of smoking and grilling. They may also be a healthier alternative than charcoal. Wood pellets are readily available from many online retailers. They are slightly more expensive than charcoal, but are an all natural alternative.

Barbeque Smokers

Barbeque smokers use indirect heat to cook meat or other foods. This is in contrast to direct grilling, in which the foods are positioned directly over the heat and cook rather quickly. The lower heat and slower cooking time is what makes barbeque so special and tasty. It is the cooking method, not the sauce, that makes it barbeque. Smokers add tremendous flavor. Barbeque is most commonly associated with pork, but cuts of beef, poultry and other meats are also popular favorites.

Barbeque smokers use a variety of wood chips to impart specific flavors to the meat. Some woods are more suitable to certain meats, so do some research or try some combinations for yourself. Woods most commonly used for smokers are apple, pecan, mesquite, hickory, oak and maple. These can be found a most grocery and convenience stores along with charcoal, lighter fluid and other grill accessories. They are relatively inexpensive.

Barbeque smokers can use gas, charcoal or electric power for fuel. Propane gas and charcoal are most popular for portable smokers. Some propane smokers can be converted to use natural gas from the home as a source of fuel. These smokers and electric models are well suited to home use. They have a constant source of fuel, making it quick and easy to smoke and grill whenever you are ready. Most models have a tray where the wood chips can be placed. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Outdoor cooking is a year round activity for many enthusiasts. Be sure to invest in a good cover for your smoker to protect it from the elements.

Barbecue Smokers

Barbecue smokers work well for many applications. Meat is the most popular item, but almost any foods can be cooked well in a quality smoker. Some models are quite inexpensive. More elaborate models can run in the thousands of dollars. The type you will need depends on your applications. If you occasionally grill for a few people, it may be tempting not to invest in a quality model. This can hurt your enjoyment of the smoker, because cheaper smokers do not retain heat and smoke as well, making it difficult to control the temperature and giving food less of the smoky flavor.

Barbecue smokers that use wood or charcoal take a bit of trial and error to control temperature and flavor. Most avid grillers are thrilled with the challenge. Choose a model that has several dampers. This will allow you to open and close them adequately to control temperature. Make sure the seals are quality to hold in the smoke. Try not to open the smoker more than absolutely necessary, as this reduces the heat and smoke. It also affects the moisture level in the smoker.

Barbecue smokers that are made of thicker steel are much better at retaining their heat. These are especially good if you will be smoking in cooler weather. Solid hinges and handles are another sign of a good, quality smoker. You will need at least one, two if possible, thermometers for your smoker. If you have one, use it nearest where the food is cooked. A second one can be placed near the heat source.

Barbecue Pits

Barbecue pits are usually horizontal smokers wit offset fire boxes. They are staples for outdoor cooking in the South. These smokers are used for slow cooking with low heat. It works best with large cuts of meat, pork in particular. Pork shoulders, ribs and whole hogs are cooked for many hours. The heat source is usually wood or charcoal. The meat is usually marinated and almost always is basted throughout the cooking process with a sauce or marinate to boost flavor and retain moisture. Some areas of the US are also famous for their beef barbecue, such as brisket. Chicken is another popular barbecue item.

Barbecue pits may be small enough to fit on a deck or patio or very large, requiring a trailer for transportation. Many are built using brick or stone, much like the ancient version. Few things spark as much debate as this term. Barbecue masters can argue endlessly over the precise definition, and the conversations are often as heated as any political or religious debate ever was.

Barbecue pits make spark lively discussions, or even a few arguments, but no matter how they are defined we can all enjoy the deliciousness that they produce. Many people associate barbecue with its distinctive sauce, but pros say it is the cooking method that defines barbecue, not the sauce. They also manage to argue over the sauce itself, some preferring a very hot sauce and others insisting it must be sweet. Some barbecue sauces are quite thick and others are very thin, usually with a vinegar base. As long as they keep cooking, nobody really minds the arguments.

Barbecue Grills

Barbecue grills that use charcoal for fuel impart a unique pink ring around cooked meats. For charcoal lovers, this is the true mark of perfect barbecue. When the skill of grilling with charcoal is mastered, you can cook a variety of meats and other foods with a simple charcoal barbecue grill. Vegetables wrapped in tin foil can be steamed away from the direct heat while meats are still cooking. Butter or cooking oil coating the vegetables will steam them fantastically with flavor unlike what can be achieved on the conventional oven or stove in your kitchen.

Barbecue grills that use propane gas for fuel can have multiple burners, allowing you to use both direct and indirect cooking methods simultaneously. The more burners you can get on your propane grill, the better. Some barbecue grills can be converted to use the natural gas source in your home for fuel. If you do all of your grilling at the same place every time, this can save you the headache of shopping for propane tanks or charcoal and lighter fluid. It is also quite cleaner than most charcoal grills.

Barbecue grills that use electricity usually seal much tighter than some of their gas and charcoal cousins. This allows the cook to maintain a consistent temperature while sealing in smoke and moisture necessary for good flavor and texture. Most models have a rack where a pan of water can be placed to add humidity while cooking. You can also add wood chips for a smoky barbecued flavor.

Gas Barbecue Grills

Gas barbecue grills are normally fueled by propane. Some models can be converted to use a natural gas source from the home or another nearby building. Gas grills are considerably cleaner than charcoal grills. Many models have stove burners on the side that are great for sauces, chili and other side dishes. More burners means more food that you can cook on your grill.

Gas barbecue grills usually have smoker trays that allow you to add wood chips during cooking. Wood chips need to get hot enough to smoke in order to do their job properly. The smoke adds the wonderful flavor associated with outdoor grilling. If your grill does not have a special tray for adding wood chips, you can achieve the same effect by wrapping the wood chips in foil and placing them directly on the burners of your grill. Wood chips need to be soaked in water prior to being put on the grill to keep them from flaming up while exposed to the heat.

Gas barbecue grills need to have a well sealing door to hold in heat, moisture and wood smoke if you are using it. Portable models are available so you can enjoy your grill away from home. Portable models require a propane tank, and are not suitable for natural gas. Covering your grill while not in use and cleaning it thoroughly after each use will help your grill last for a long time. Check the users manual for specific cleaning instructions.